Shindig Chess

Free Online chess with built in Video Chat. Its just like sitting across the table from your invited opponent. See and talk with them, watch moves in real time, and move pieces in 3d view. 3 way video chat makes it great for instruction and coaching. You create your own video chat room for you and your guest so it is totally private and safe.

Play with your friends in your own private video chat game room. It's free and easy. No download or install required.

To play the game ensure that Adobe Flash Player version 10.3.0 or greater is installed.

Game Overview

Shindig Chess lets you play in your own customizable, video chat chess room with friends from around the world.

There are game modes for every type of play, from casual, to teaching, to competitive.

There is also a spectator mode for instruction or round robin play.


Like playing in the physical world. Move pieces as you wish. Undo your moves and drag pieces on and off board. This mode is perfect for setting up chess challenges and practicing new strategies.


Traditional chess rules enforced. Undo allowed.


Traditional chess rules enforced. Once you pick up a piece, you must move it to a valid square. Undo only with permission.


Same rules as match, but with a traditional chess clock. Pause clock only with opponent’s permission. No undo.

Game Controls

How to Move

Drag the piece a new square.


Move the king to the correct square. The rook will automatically move into position.

En Passant

Move pawn to correct square behind advancing opponent pawn, and the pawn capture will happen automatically.

Change Point of View/Rotate Board

Drag board or room background in any direction to rotate board to desired perspective. Board rotation may also be achieved through up/down and left/right keys.

Game Settings


Restart the game with the same game mode and color.

New Game

Pick color. Select game mode. If there’s a spectator, select opponent.


Undo the last move or capture.

In Match mode, undo requires opponent’s approval.

In Competition mode, undo is not allowed.

Invite New Players


Forfeits game.


Ask your opponent for a draw. If they approve, the game ends. Otherwise, play continues.

Select Theme

Select a style for the room, board, and pieces.


Increase the size of the game board.

Playback as Movie

Review the current game as a movie.

Playback as New Scenario

Rewind the game to a specific moment, then allow play to go forward from that point as a new scenario. In Match or Competition mode, playback is only allowed after a game concludes.

Notation Tab

Capture Shelf Tab

Clock Tab


The spectator and players can chat with each other. If a spectator moves a piece, the players see the movement, then the piece returns to its original position.